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Alaska... Everything's BIGGER

~Thanks for your patience while the images to load~

Never judge the size of a Glacier by my Photo's!!

There are actually big tour buses up on the Glacier.
If you added together every single car of those who visit, it wouldn't even come close to filling this space.
They look like BIG tractor pull Vehicles, but longer.
Don't you see them? Yeah right! But they are there.

The World re-known Alaskan Pipeline.

That is a lot of oil above my head...A LOT.
Millions of Gallons a Day.

The Pipeline is Taller than I am.

More of the Alaskan Pipeline.

It speaks for itself.

I cannot express in words how big this Mountain is.
It is the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life.
Don't underestimate this picture. The Mt. is HUGE.

Click Here for Readable Text Image

Icebergs appear blue because of the water.

Now that is one big Pile of Snow.

This is the Front of the BIG Ferry we spent two days on.

This is the Back of the Ferry.

And this is the inside of the Ferry. Yes that is a Grey Hound Bus.
There were also four 18 Wheelers, two more busses,
and more than enough Campers on this Ferry, along with normal cars.
This Ferry was very, very large.

Read the Caption in the Pic Below.

Is it just me? Or is umm something missing??

Why do I suddenly feel so very small.

Would you have thought it was so big without the Picture above??.

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