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Alaska Wildlife



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Alaska Wildlife

Due to the size of this gallery, it has been split into two pieces.
~Thanks for your patience while the images to load~

Gallery 1               Gallery 2

A Bull Moose. Biggest Deer in the World.
It was as tall as our Expedition.

Brown Bear we in British Columbia. They are also
very plentiful in Alaska, as are the Black and Grizzly Bear.

Black Bear in the Yukon

These Fox's are everywhere too.

The Dahl Sheep, the only wild White Sheep in the World.

A Grizzly Bear. This was as close as I was going to get.

A Tufted Puffin, a very popular bird in Alaska.

A Killer Whale we saw on our Glacier Cruise near Haines, AK.

This is a Bull Elk. They are also very, very Big.

This is a Magpie. They are scavengers.

This bird is called Clark's Nut Cracker.

Gallery 1               Gallery 2

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