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Alaska Wildlife



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Alaska Wildlife

Due to the size of this gallery, it has been split into two pieces.
~Thanks for your patience while the images to load~

Gallery 1               Gallery 2

A group of Sea Lions in the Wild Sunning. No Pens for these guys.

This is a Yellow-Headed Blackbird.

A Sea Otter eating a fish while floating on his back.
These things are a lot bigger than you'd think. This one was about the size
of my Golden Retriever. They're big, but gentle.

This was a Harbor Seal we saw in Haines, AK.

An Adult Octopus.

A Mature Bald Eagle. They are everywhere in Alaska too.

This is a Gray Jay. These guys are BIG too. A lot bigger than our Blue Jays in the East, or the Stellar Jay in the West.

This is a Red-Winged Blackbird. They are in most every state in the Union.

Gallery 1               Gallery 2

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